The meeting

Morgan and Jamie first crossed paths in the fall of 2007. Morgan recently graduated from American University and was enjoying living in the city with some of her best girlfriends. After a fun summer in "The District," Morgan and her friends decided to join a kickball league in an effort to meet new people, have some fun and play flip cup.

Jamie was residing in Old Town, Alexandria with his guy friends when they decided to give kickball, the newest fad, a try. It sounded like a good way to meet ladies and enjoy the outdoors. Unlike Morgan, Jamie joined kickball for the actual competition, something that would soon become clear.

For the first game, Morgan showed up late to the field, in what some would consider "Jones time." This was very out of character for Morgan, who is typically early for everything, while this would be one of two times Jamie actually arrived early to something.

The first date

It took a few weeks of kickball and flip cup, but Jamie finally asked Morgan for her phone number, and soon after asked her out on a first date. Since Morgan lived in the Capitol Hill area, they decided on Monmarte, a quaint french restaurant near the metro and Morgan's house. When Morgan arrived at the top of the Eastern Market metro, she found Jamie awaiting her (the one other occasion he was on time), and they walked to dinner. After an great evening talking about jobs, college, life, and each other, they made plans to see each other again.

The proposal

Flash forward to the evening of Friday, January 29, 2010. After a long work week, Morgan planned for a relaxing night with takeout and episodes of West Wing on the DVR before going to bed early (exciting, we know). However, it didn't really happen that way...

Upon returning home that evening, Jamie gave Morgan a list of things to pack and said that the car was leaving in 30 minutes. Once in the car, Morgan noticed her skis in the trunk, "interesting," she thought and blurted out, "this is obvious, we're going to Snowshoe (Our typical skiing location). I'll even bet you." As the hours passed, before long Morgan grew restless. After badgering Jamie about their eventual destination (Morgan's directional skills aren't the best) she finally relented and took a nap (typical Morgan). Morgan awoke and found herself in front of the Homestead, not Snowshoe. Once again, Morgan's lack of directional skills had allowed Jamie to surprise her.

Morgan and Jamie spent the weekend at the historical Homestead resort, skiing & snowboarding in the fresh powder (eight inches of snow fell between our arrival Friday night and sunset on Saturday), dining and lounging in the resort's numerous restaurants and bars.

By Saturday evening, when Jamie offered Morgan to join him for a drink before their 8:30 dinner reservation, she thought nothing of it. As they walked through the many hallways, Jamie slowed in the garden atrium. Of course Morgan exclaimed "Hurry up!" As she realized he had not only slowed down, but dropped to one knee, she stood in shock. She says now that it took a good ten seconds for her to even comprehend all that was happening. After a kiss and a hug, it was on to phone calls with friends and family, and lots of crying. Eventually Morgan and Jamie made their way to dinner and enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

So that's how we got here, I hope you'll join us as we take our next steps.

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